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In 2008, church custodian Vincenzo Di Costanzo went on trial in northern Italy for faking blood on a statue of the Virgin Mary when his own DNA was matched to the blood. In 2018, at the Our Lady Guadalupe Catholic Church in Hobbs, New Mexico, a Mary statue was reported to be producing tears.

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Blood. new light. … Blessed Mother Mary, Blessed Virgin Mary … Part 3: Virgin Mary statue in St Joseph's Cathedral, a … Part 3: Virgin Mary statue in St Joseph's Cathedral, a Chaldean Catholic church in Anakawa, Iraq started crying, tears then turned into blood. Pray Rosary and Fast for Peace in Iraq.

Statue of the Virgin Mary begins crying BLOOD | Daily Mail Online

A video has emerged appearing to show a statue of the Virgin Mary mysteriously weeping tears of blood. It is being hailed as a miracle by worshippers who are travelling in their hundreds to the …

7 Most Unintentionally Terrifying Statues In The Philippines

The Weeping Virgin Mary (Agoo, La Union) Although tales of statues weeping tears of blood are part and parcel of Filipino religious folkore, none have been as controversial as the statue of the Virgin Mary in Agoo, La Union.

Virgin Mary statue in Cebu 'weeps blood' – YouTube

CEBU CITY — Several residents of a Sitio Canjay in Barangay Tisa, Cebu City trooped on Tuesday to the house of Rayla family to confirm reports of a weeping statue of the Virgin Mary.

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A weeping statue is a statue which has been claimed to have shed tears or to be weeping by supernatural means. Statues weeping tears which appear to be blood, oil, and scented liquids have all been reported.

Virgin Mary Statue 'Weeps' In Fresno, California | HuffPost

Virgin Mary Statue ‘Weeps’ In Fresno, California. In recent years, there have been several reports of religious statues or images shedding tears or “crying blood.” Last May, for instance, blood reportedly appeared on the face of Mary in a painting in the Philippines. Mary’s hands in the image had also become unclasped, reports ABS-CBN News.

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The Virgin Mary Statue is made of durable and lightweight resin, which creates a rich and textured stone appearance that makes the statue look realistic and concrete. With the size, material, and quality of the Virgin Mary Statue, it has a great value for its affordable price.

Statues of Mary and Jesus crying blood? | Yahoo Answers

Statues of Mary and Jesus crying blood? Have these infamous phenomenons been proven by scientists to be real or frauds? Also, I was reading somewhere awhile back where some statues of Jesus had "blood" running down from the crucifixition wounds.