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Over the years there have been some sightings of the statue of the Virgin Mary crying blood. Back in 2005, in Sacramento California there was a sighting of the Virgin Mary crying blood.

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Religious statues, particularly those of The Blessed Virgin Mary, have been the reported source of miracles over the centuries. Many times these statues weep tears and sometimes blood. Antique cemetery angel statue Relief character supplies from …

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Highlights. LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) – A statue of Mary is weeping blood. The statue was photographed at a small church in the village of Puerto Rico in Bolivia. The village is located in the Manuripi-Heath Amazonian Wildlife National Reserve in Bolivia. Parishioners first noticed the statue was crying red tears, possibly of blood.

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Weeping paintings. As with weeping statues, the tears exuded are often said to be of a substance which appears to be similar to blood. A painting of the Virgin Mary is said to have exuded moisture from the eyes and the fingers at St. Nicholas Albanian Orthodox Church in Chicago on December 6, 1986.

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Religious Concrete Statues. Alligator Concrete Statues; Angel Concrete Statues; Bear Concrete Statues; … Virgin Mary Concrete Statues. Virgin Mary Concrete Statues;

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In 1996 reports came from Trinidad and Kansas, and in 1997, from Benin (Africa). Through the decade more than a dozen cases appeared in Italy alone. Blood from a statue of the Virgin in Las Vegas that began bleeding in 1998 has been caught on pieces of cotton and given away to the faithful.

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News spread that a large plaster statue of the Virgin Mary at the Inala Vietnamese Catholic Centre in Brisbane, Australia, was seeping scented oil from its eyes, nose, forehead and fingers. A small crucifix on the altar and religious figurines have bled.